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Protestors Target the DEA in Support of Psilocybin for Terminally Ill Patients

Original Article by MARY-ELIZABETH GIFFORD , JUSTIN GRANT Peaceful civil disobedience, a longstanding American tradition, will take place at the doorstep of the Drug Enforcement Administration headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, next month where activists say they will block entrances to the building to draw attention to the right of terminally ill cancer patients to use psilocybin. The protest will take […]

Lawyers Are Developing Psychedelic Law Practices

Original Story By Dave Hodes Psychedelics appear to be on an accelerated path to legitimacy now that the legal beagles officially have a hand in what that legitimacy means. Lawyers representing clients researching or investing in psychedelics don’t have the same concerns that they had when they first explored similar representations in cannabis. Questions about whether […]