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Psychedelic Bar Association 

Blog Policies & Procedures (updated 12.20.2023)


The PBA Blog will be hosted by the PBA on the PBA website. See Blog Terms of Use for details related to intellectual property and ownership.

PBA Committees, the PBA Board, individual board members, or individual PBA members may submit blog posts to the blog by emailing them to board@thepsychedelicbar.org.

The relevant PBA Committee board representative, or in the case of individual submissions, a designated board member (collectively, “designated reviewer”), will provide initial review of all blog posts for alignment with PBA blog content guidelines (below). Absent any open concerns or otherwise inappropriate content, and as long as the blog adheres to the policies below, blog posts will be published without Board review as determined by the designated reviewer. At the discretion of the designated reviewer, the blog post may be required to go through a more robust review process involving the entire PBA Board should there be concerns with the blog post meeting the requirements below. 


While the PBA will take care to avoid publishing inaccurate, misleading, or inappropriately biased information, the PBA is not responsible for the substantive content or legality of any blog post.  

The PBA reserves the right to remove any blog post at any time, or otherwise restrict or remove comments to any blog post at any time.


Blog post content guidelines:


  1. Relevance


Blog posts must be related to topics that pertain to the psychedelic industry or broader ecosystem. Topics may include but are not limited to case law, policy updates, ethical considerations, and regulatory issues. 


  1. Factual


Blog posts must accurately state facts, citations, and references. Opinion and speculative analysis is permitted within reason and language should be respectful.


  1. Originality


Content must be original and authored by the submitting member or committee, or the submitting member or committee must have full legal entitlement to submit the content with appropriate citation of authorship and sources, as applicable. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. 


  1. Non-Commercial


Blog posts should aim to inform and educate, not to advertise or promote commercial ventures. Any potential conflict of interest must be clearly stated in the blog post.


  1. No Discriminatory, Hateful, or Malicious Content


Content must not contain anything that is discriminatory, hateful, defamatory, or malicious, provided that reasonable and respectful criticism of public persons, companies, and organizations is permissible. Adversarial attacks on any other members or member-affiliated organizations by name are not permitted.


  1. Professional Advice


Authors may not provide medical, legal, financial, or any other kind of professional advice, nor should any content be construed as providing such. 


  1. Confidentiality 


No discussion of confidential or otherwise privileged information may be published on the PBA blog.


  1. Moderation


The PBA reserves the right to review, edit, or remove content that violates these guidelines, contains hate speech, or is deemed inappropriate for the platform.


By submitting a blog post, authors agree to adhere to these guidelines. Failure to do so may result in the removal of posts and potential revocation of blogging privileges.


Thank you for contributing to a respectful and insightful community discourse.