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Martha J. Hartney
Hartney Law, LLC
Boulder, CO
Martha J. Hartney is a private practice attorney in Colorado. She has a J.D. from the University of Denver College of Law. Her firm, Hartney Law, is a Boulder favorite, receiving the “Best of the West/Law Firm” award six years in a row. She was named a SuperLawyers Rising Star in 2020 and has published and presented on the art and science of death and dying for more than a decade. Martha is a certified death doula and the first attorney to be admitted to and graduate from the CIIS Certificate in Psychedelic Therapies and Research program. Martha is also a mediator and has served as a guardian ad litem. She found plant medicines later in life—becoming a drug policy reform advocate after experiencing profound spiritual healing through our plant teachers. She champions the religious use of ayahuasca; and advocates for excellent standards of care, best practices, integration work, and weaving of modern trauma science with the powerful indigenous practices being stewarded into the western world. Martha lives with her partner and has two grown sons. She is a member of Chacruna’s Council for the Protection of Sacred Plants and the first steward of the Religious Use Subcommittee of the Psychedelic Bar Association.
I am committed to the principles set forth in the North Star Pledge. First, by continuing to work on myself and my own psycho-spiritual well-being, I am better able to help others when I am clear-minded and wholehearted. I strive for integrity in myself first and then in the people and institutions I work for. When asked, I speak the hard truth about the legal reality we find ourselves in, not sugar-coating or obscuring the ramifications of the use of psychedelics in a religious or ceremonial setting. I endeavor to expand our western culture’s understanding of the ancient ways still alive today in our midst among our native American brothers and sisters. The lineages I am personally committed to learning and honoring are the Shipibo and the Native American Navajo/Diné teachings. My dedication to the truth carried by these lineages helps keep me on a narrow path, less distractible by the shiny objects that can emerge through psychedelic experiences. The generous teachings of the indigenous people I have received have made spiritual truth accessible, actionable, and practical in my life and in my work. While not perfect, I seek excellence in my work, groundedness in my life, and wholeness in my heart.