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Christian Holden
Holden & Kelly Law Group, PLLC
Dallas, Texas
I often describe myself as a family man, world traveler, and outdoors enthusiast. For “work”, I serve as a private practice attorney and mediator in Texas, and as an international consultant. I hold a Juris Doctor and a BS (Agricultural Business), both from Texas A&M University.  I am a co-founder & managing partner of Holden & Kelly Law Group, PLLC, a boutique-on-purpose law firm in Dallas, Texas. We operate every day to be a living example that legal services [and business services, domestic and international] can be delivered successfully apart from and/or parallel to the current standard service model.  My work on legal and business matters involving psychedelics and wellness began in 2015. I truly love the work I do for my clients, however, choosing to work in this space was not taken lightly. I am one who finds it difficult to communicate adequately about life experience on paper; I enjoy and prefer to discuss work-related experiences and creative advocacy over colleague-to-colleague conversations. My work has led me to believe that today’s entrepreneurs and purpose-driven organizations are presented with unique opportunities to influence the next wave of systems + human innovations.  I am excited for what the future holds!
During this 2022 year, I am actively elevating the service process at Holden & Kelly Law Group + fostering trust in my service relationships by designing [and re-designing], implementing, modeling, and advocating for more human-centered processes, systems, policies, agreements, and transactions. I appreciate the gravity of the responsibilities and opportunities I hold as a lawyer; I am making my best effort to remain up to speed with developments and happenings in these fast-emerging/re-emerging fields of human inquiry. Through my work & service, I am actively educating myself and others about a myriad of topics relating to the legal, social, cultural, and political history of psychedelics with ever-increasing focus on historical roots and traditions.  As my colleagues in this space get to know me, it is my sincere hope that my daily choice to maintain an optimistic attitude of abundance in my work [and towards the future] will become readily apparent.