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The Psychedelic Bar Association is an association of accomplished attorneys from all practice areas and perspectives -- corporate, constitutional, intellectual property and regulatory attorneys, impact litigators, in-house counsel, policy analysts, and criminal justice reformers -- dedicated to solving the novel legal and policy issues impacting the emerging psychedelics sector.

We are committed to antiracism and inclusivity and addressing the challenging psychedelics-related ethical, policy and legal issues faced by diverse groups in the United States and worldwide, including indigent people, Indigenous communities, state and local governments, first responders and veterans, professionals across all sectors, for-profit companies; and countless others. To this end, we commit to collaborating and building effective coalitions within our Association, and with other existing bar associations and organizations in furtherance of this mission.

We share in common a recognition of the paradigm shift undeniably underway, and our commitment to showing up in our role as a positive, unifying force in this important moment. Our work together will foster legitimacy, community, and continuing legal education for practitioners in this space -- all the best of a bar association.

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As laws change and the War on Drugs continues to collapse, the “psychedelic sector” includes organizations, communities, individuals, trained professionals, and businesses that research, develop, produce, administer, guide, and educate about the legal use of psychedelic substances. By “psychedelics” we mean to include chemicals, fungi, plant medicines, entheogens, and other substances that can have transformative impacts on our sensory, emotional, and spiritual experience by showing us the truth of our interconnectedness.

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